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Victory for Scottish NHS patients with new treatment option

We are delighted to be able to tell all our supporters, sufferers and their families that from Monday 12 October 2015, patients in Scotland with an advanced and incurable form of gastric cancer (stomach and gastro-oesophageal) could benefit from the life-extending treatment Herceptin, which has been given the green light by the Scottish Medicines Consortium (SMC) for routine use on the NHS.

OCHRE Heroes - Heather Marfleet

We are frequently overwhelmed when we hear stories from our supporters about their battle to survive, or their experiences of caring for loved ones or their fight to go the extra mile to raise money so that lives can be saved.

Ultra Marathon Man

Every day we are moved by the stories we hear from people. We talk to sufferers, survivors, families and friends and we hear stories of love and loss in equal measure.

A Journey of Kindness

When Abie and her friends were planning the special event that is prom night they knew heads would turn with the help of Margot The Campervan. An institution in the Huntingdon area, best known for chauffering newly married couples on their wedding day, Margot and her owner (and chauffer in chief) Tracey Ward make special days come to life courtesy of a little VW magic. Tracey‘s beloved, brave Dad (pictured with Tracey below) is suffering from oesophageal cancer and the family are taking one day at a time and living in moment since his diagnosis. The lovely young ladies in the photograph are from the same town as Tracey and when Margot delivered them to their prom they showed great kindness of spirit by presenting Tracey with a donation to help the fight against oesophageal cancer. OCHRE is enormously grateful for the support of these wonderful women (and Margot!) To Tracey, her Dad and their family and to Abie and her friends - we wish the very best of everything to you as you embark on the next stage of your journey through life.

Wanted: Volunteers to eat ready-meal for research

Article from Herald Scotland.com - WHEN doctors in Scotland needed people to eat fish and chips to assist cancer research, there was no shortage of volunteers.
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